Professional fish harvesters, lighten your workload with Jobel™!

  • Meets Fisheries and Oceans Canada standards
  • Works with smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Data can be entered with or without internet
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For professional harvesters in Québec
Ask for information at your local Fisheries and Oceans Canada office for availability for your fishery!

Other modules coming soon:
Snow crab
Herring and mackerel

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A tool appreciated by professional harvesters

Hear what they have to say…

JOBEL is easier than paper logbook. There is less information to enter on traps positions. The system of agglomerations is simpler than the entry by grid. I would not go back to paper.
Gilles Duguay
JOBEL is less complicated than a paper logbook. Thanks to the default settings system, I do not have to worry about administrative data anymore, unlike with paper log books. The information entered at sea gives precise data to DFO. I certainly would not go back to paper.
Gilles Duguay
Hello, I used JOBEL two years now. I really like it. It’s easy to use only takes a minute to complete and I like that I don’t have to put it in a box on the harbour or mail it to DFO like we have to do if we use a paper log book.
A. Clark